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Samsung Galaxy S8-The latest venture by Samsung is said to be one of the best phone ever launched by Samsung.It is the latest venture by Samsung this year.After what had happened with Samsung galaxy note 7,Samsung has now come up with a bang. The Company itself hasn't shied away from acknowledging that it needs to earn customers' trust again. The mistakes it made were inexcusable, and the  was very real.Today in this article we are going to give you a review about this mobile and we will tell you about its screen,battery,price etc.Just read the article till end and you will find all your answers,
1.Screen Review-It has a awesome 5’8 Display.Samsung has marketed it as an infinite display which can be said as correct for this phone.The phone has an awesome screen which looks luxorius and very good in hand.The size may seem large for some but most of the people would not have any problem in this mobile.
2.Specification Review-There are two versions of each model - the so-called international ones, which have been launched in India, are based on Samsung's own in-house Exynos which is awesome SoC, while the ones sold in North America use Qualcomm's latest and greatest Snapdragon 835. The two chips are extremely similar - in fact both are manufactured by Samsung on its cutting-edge 10nm fabrication process. The Snapdragon name is well regarded, but buyers in India shouldn't feel as though they're getting second-best. The Device comes with 4gb ram and 64gb rom which is pretty decent and is very good.It has one of the best specifications in the market and also has Android Nougat in each.All the android features are available whether they are latest,old etc.So as per the specifications are their we strongly recommend you to go with this mobile.
3.Usage And Perfomance Review-The first thing that we want to tell you that you will take time to adjust with this mobile because you will some time get distracted while watching videos,playing games etc and that can be frustrating some time,but the phone will still not disappoint you.It sometimes can also seem a bit heavy as you will have to pick it up from the bottom which can be a  problem,but still not a big problem. We tried Samsung's new face and iris recognition features, and we wouldn't consider either option a true alternative to a sensibly positioned fingerprint reader. You can only have one of them active at a time. Both need you to first wake the phone from sleep and then line your face up to it - if you're using iris recognition, a guide appears on screen with two circles for your eyes.
4.Camera and Other Aspects-Nowadays,All the phone have good features but still one thing that differentiates each phone from one other is the camera quality,But according to us the Samsung galaxy s8 is a sure shot winner in this quality that is camera quality.The handling and focus quality is very good and is very easy to use.It handles all the obstacles,moving objects in a proper way which makes it even more awesome.All in  all the other aspects which include games,photos quality is just awesome.All the games work in a excellent way.The screen is smooth and it will not hang and you will feel that you have hold something special in your hands.So overall the camera quality and other aspects are great and you shoul definitely go for it.
Price Review-The Samsung galaxy S8 comes with a price tag of 57900 Which cannot be said as pretty decent but is very good.For some it may be higher but those who want to buy will buy it at any cost.The phone according to us at this price range is worth the wait and whould be purchase if your budget allows you.The price tag is slightly less than its tough competitor Iphone 7 when it was first launched.

At last we want to say that it was our opinion and review of this Device and if you liked the article do share,like and comment.